Capacitors & Resistors

Capacitors are in stock at Big River Hardware from industry leading manufacturers.

Big River Hardware stocks many types of capacitors including Ceramic, MLCC, Tantalum, Aluminum, Film, Organic, Polymer, and more. We also offer capacitor kits and capacitor hardware.

A capacitor is an electronic component used to store energy. Capacitors consist of 2 metal plates that are separated by a dielectric (non-conductive electrical insulator). Some of the most common dielectrics used are Electrolytic, Ceramic, & Film. The different plate and dielectric materials allow for a variety of capacitor types that can be specialized for specific functions and uses. Capacitors are measured in Farads as well as subdivisions of Farads such as uF(microfarad), nF (nanofarad), & pF (picofarad) and capacitors that are rated at 1 Farad or greater are typically referred to as Supercapacitors.