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Renovated Radio

Rare Tabletop Zephyr Zenith Radio 7DA138

Rare Tabletop Zephyr Zenith Radio 7DA138

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Tabletop Zephyr Zenith Radio 7DA138

  • Superheterodyne
  • Broadcast, Long Wave and 2 x Short Wave.
  • AC/DC-set / 115 Volt
  • 7 Tubes
  • Aux Jack installed for phonograph, phone, bluetooth, etc

This is a rare find and is one of the most collectable Zenith tombstones.   It was made during the depression in Chicago during 1937.   Very cool example of Art Deco Design  this dark black walnut cabinet  stands out and is an   impressive work of art. 

The design is very simple with heavy rounded edges and deep  horizontal louvers.   

You will be amazed by the size and impact of the design.   This walnut model is rare and highly collectible.

The cabinet was well maintained and has been cleaned and beautifully restored  with a lacquer finish.


The knobs are the original wood Zenith knobs.

The chassis is a performer and plays full dial scale, loud and clear. The radio has had a recap electronic restoration - all the electrolytic caps were replaced with new production parts. All out of tolerance  paper foil capacitors and worn components  were replaced as necessary. The dial belt is new for smooth tuning. The radio has very nice reception with no hum. An outside antenna is necessary on old tube radios or a long wire. A new power cord was installed for safety.


PLEASE NOTE: This set is located in Sugar Grove, Illinois and can be picked up there.


Payment must be received BEFORE pickup or delivery is scheduled.

 It measures   12.5 inches deep, by  18 inches wide by 23.5 inches tall.

Pick-up only on this radio. I can, however, hold it for you while you obtain shipping via either a courier, antique movers, or UShip, which seems to be the lowest price.





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