New - Zenith Motor Drive Tuning Pinch Solid Wood Reproduction Radio Knob

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Big River Hardware creates this Hand turned, solid Illinois black walnut radio pinch knob 1938 style reproduction. This knob measure about 1 -1/8 inch diameter and 3/4 inch tall. They have been sanded and finished with a French polish. Each knob comes with a steel shaft collar fastener which fits a 1/8 inch flattened shaft common in Zenith Radios. models: 9S204, 9S232, 9S242, 9S244, 9S262, 9S263, 9S264, 9S365, 12S205, 12S232, 12S245, 12S265, 12S266, 12S267, 12S268, 15U246, 15U269, 15U270, 15U271, 15U272, 15U273 Contact us if you want another type of POT fastener for your electric guitar, tube amp or Fuzz box. Quantity 1 Material : Black Walnut Natural walnut color and grain pattern may vary from the photo Send us a photo if you need a custom knob made . We carry a variety of Illinois hardwoods and can carve any design, logo or letter.