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vintage record players 1980s

vintage record players 1980s

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Revive the Rhythms of Yesteryears: Explore the 3-Speed Vinyl Record Player at Big River Hardware! Vintage record players 1980s

Step into a world of vintage music with our 3-Speed Vinyl Record Player, a timeless treasure available exclusively at Big River Hardware. Crafted for audiophiles and music lovers, this record player rekindles the warmth and nostalgia of vinyl.With three selectable speeds, it effortlessly spins your vinyl collection, from the crackling charm of old classics to the modern fidelity of new releases. Immerse yourself in the rich tones and authentic sound that only vinyl can provide.

Designed with a blend of classic aesthetics and modern functionality, it's not just a record player; it's a statement piece for your living space. Its built-in speakers ensure that your music fills the room with soul-stirring melodies.Elevate your music, elevate your memories with the 3-Speed Vinyl Record Player from Big River Hardware. Rediscover the magic of vinyl and let the rhythms of yesteryears transport you to a musical paradise.

Product Parameters

  • Belt-driven 33/45/78 RPM selectable Speed

  • Main Material: MDF Wood + Plastic

  • Size: 31.7*27.2*17cm

  • Color: Mahogany+Silver

  • N.W: 3.7KG

  • 2* Built-in 3W Stereo Speakers

  • LCD display with blue light

  • Plastic Dust Cover

  • Voltage: AC110V~130V/AC220V~240V

  • Remote Control: YES(without battery)


  • USB, SD/ MMC player;

  • Cassette player;

  • CD Player;

  • Bluetooth-compatible: Connect to your phone W/ Bluetooth or other bluetooth device within 15 meters.

  • RCA Line-out: Connecting Amplify Speaker;

  • AUX-in: Connecting Your iPod, MP3/MP4 or other Digital Audio Players;

  • AM/FM/Stereo FM Radio;

  • Headphone jack;

  • USB/SD Encoding: Converts Vinyl, Cassette, Aux-in device Music Directly To USB/SD/MMC Card; Convert USB music to SD/MMC card;

  • Delete the music you do not like on USB/SD/MMC card;

  • Automatically pause and stop: protect your vinyl when all the music ending;

  • Volume Control and Tuning Control.

Package Included:

  • 1* Vinyl Record Player

  • 1* Manual

  • 1* Back-up Needle

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