3m super 77 spray adhesive instructions

Installing Grille Cloth

Here  are a few tips


  1. Trim the cloth to fit opening making sure the pattern is straight. 
  2. Speaker screw holes can be opened with a hot soldering iron if needed
  3. Lightly mist the entire sheet of grille cloth with water mist or starch spray. 
  4. Set your clean iron on low to medium heat .  It should not be hotter that you can touch your hand without burning.
  5. Iron the fabric but do not completly dry because  the cloth with shrink as it dries to ensure wrinkles are removed.
  6.  Use 3M Super 27 or 77 spray adhesive, apply it to the edge of your speaker board and all around the outer edge about 1/2 inch or 1 inch wide.  Note:  leave the inner area clean and free of adhesive which allow the fabric to stretch.
  7.  Do not spray the adhesive on the cloth
  8. Let glue try for about 15 Minutes. 
  9. Please the gill cloth in position and carefully stretch with your fingers on all sides to remove any sag.  
  10.  Allow to dry for 1 hr and trim any overhang fabric 

Note:  If you have a small area you can also use a thin layer of Elmers Wood glue instead of the 3M product. If using the wood glue you do not need to allow for dry time before adhering the fabric.    




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