About Big River Hardware


Our Story 

Big River Hardware originated from a hobby of restoring antique radios and tube amps for many years. The restoration process included detailed cleaning, inspection and lubrication of all radio components. Often times, antique radios had broken or missing wooden knobs that needed to be replaced. It was discovered there were very few options in the market. The look and feel of replacement parts was unsatisfying, which led to the experimenting of making knobs using different types of wood and novel woodworking techniques. After hours spent learning about original production methods, we were able to adapt precision lathe techniques which helped to perfect the original BRH designs. We decided to offer our parts to others who share the same love of restoring vintage radios, and that was the beginning of our journey as an operating business. Overtime, we started getting requests to make custom nostalgic parts for guitars and amplifiers and thus, Big River Hardware was born.

How We Make Our Parts

Custom Parts

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