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Renovated Radio

Atwater Kent 185 (1934)

Atwater Kent 185 (1934)

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Atwater Kent 185 (1934) Radio

If Art Deco is your thing, here is what you've been waiting for.


Atwater Kent went whole hog, mad dog Art Deco on this very striking model 185 from 1934.

Easily one of the more unique and eye-catching radios I have ever seen.


The black trimmed cabinet is faced with beautiful bias cut veneers, and accentuated with brass and aluminum inlays.


Due to its design, the cabinet on this radio was extremely difficult to refinish.


While not absolutely perfect, I think it is a stunning example of this model. It has a large 8-inch speaker, a good set of tubes, all new capacitors, resistors as necessary, almost all new wiring and a full alignment.


Broadcast and short wave.

This radio is very heavy, so will be a little expensive to ship, but I'm pretty sure once you get your hands on it you won't mind.

It is just a downright spectacular radio. 15"H x 13"W x 8"D.


Pick-up only on this radio. I can, however, hold it for you while you obtain shipping via either a courier, antique movers, or UShip, which seems to be the lowest price.

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