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Guitar Head Mobile Phone Holder Bracket Stand Tripod

Guitar Head Mobile Phone Holder Bracket Stand Tripod

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The Perfect Fusion of Music and Mobility with Our Guitar Head Stand!

Immerse yourself in the perfect harmony of music and technology with our Guitar Head Mobile Phone Holder. Designed for musicians and music enthusiasts alike, this innovative accessory transforms your mobile phone into a convenient hands-free companion for your jam sessions, practice routines, and content creation. The headstock-inspired holder not only provides stability but also reflects your passion for music. Stand out during live performances, video shoots, or casual practice sessions with this eye-catching accessory.

Crafted with a sleek and sturdy design, the Guitar Head Stand securely cradles your phone, providing a stable platform for you to focus on your music. Whether you're a guitarist, bassist, or any musician, this stand offers a versatile solution for keeping your device within reach while you play.

The Adjustable Tripod Stand ensures the perfect viewing angle, allowing you to capture every chord and riff effortlessly. Compatible with various phone sizes, our stand accommodates the latest smartphones, making it a must-have for musicians with diverse tech preferences. The Guitar Head Stand adds a touch of style to your musical setup.


  • Suitable for acoustic and electric guitars.
  • Provides exceptional balance and support.
  • Modern aesthetics complement any setup.
  • Easy to transport without sacrificing durability.
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