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High-Quality Speaker grill cloth

High-Quality Speaker grill cloth

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Elevate Your Speaker Aesthetics with High-Quality Speaker Grill Cloth

Take your speakers to the next level with our High-Quality Speaker Grill Cloth. Crafted to perfection, this fabric is not just about visual appeal; it's designed to elevate your audio experience.Each order consists of a generous 1-meter length with a fixed width of 1.5 meters, ensuring you have enough fabric to cover your speakers, no matter the size. Plus, when you order multiple pieces, we'll provide you with a continuous length, making installation seamless.

Our Speaker Grill Cloth is made from a premium blend of materials—81% polyester and 19% rayon. This combination offers the ideal balance between durability and acoustic transparency, allowing sound to pass through while providing a sleek cover for your speakers.With a gram weight of 307g/㎡, this fabric is designed to stand the test of time, ensuring your speakers look and sound their best for years to come.

Give your speakers a stylish makeover and enhance their acoustic performance with our High-Quality Speaker Grill Cloth. Order yours today from Big River Hardware and experience the difference.

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