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Speaker Grill Cloth

Speaker Grill Cloth

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Grass Woven Mesh for Speaker Systems

The grass woven mesh is a specially designed material that is perfect for use in speaker systems. Made of high-quality PVC, this mesh is thick, hard, and has no elasticity, making it ideal for bass guitar speakers and retro speakers. It comes in various sizes, including:

  • L0.5m W0.5m (Long 0.5m * Width 0.5m)
  • L0.5m W1.5m (Long 0.5m * Width 1.5m)
  • L0.5m W0.75m (Long 0.5m * Width 0.75m)


  • Hard and thick material that provides excellent sound quality
  • No elasticity, making it perfect for acoustic applications where the sound needs to be accurately projected without distortion
  • Width of 1.5 meters, which is relatively wide and can cover a large area
  • Fully optimized for sound transmission and absorption


  • Enhances the overall sound quality of speaker systems
  • Provides excellent acoustic performance with no distortion
  • Easy to use and install
  • Can be used in a variety of applications, including bass guitar speakers and retro speakers


If you are looking for a high-quality material that can provide excellent sound quality and acoustic performance, look no further than the grass woven mesh for speaker systems. With its hard and thick PVC material and no elasticity, this mesh is perfect for use in a wide range of applications, including bass guitar speakers and retro speakers. So, get your hands on this material today and experience the best sound quality possible!

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 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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