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Station Tab 1939 Zenith Radio

Station Tab 1939 Zenith Radio

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These 3d printed reproduction station tabs. 

You should put a small amount of Elmer's glue or silicone adhesive on the tab before installing the buttons. Otherwise, they may pop off when in use. Don't use a super glue or you'll never be able to remove them later if you need to.

Blank station I.D. tabs for 1939 Zenith sets. Aged color for a close match of existing tabs. All radios age at different rates, thus the color of your existing tabs may not match these, but they should be close.

models: 6S362, 9s365

Dimensions: 11/16" long, 7/16" wide


Made of Nylon so it can be stained like Nylon fabric using a product like Rit dye to color or achieve an aged effect.  They also can be sanded and painted to adjust the color or level of gloss. 




 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -





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