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"What can I say! OMG, these  knobs are a work of ART. They are perfect and worth the wait. They look absolutely beautiful on my  Zenith 12S265 that has been completely restored."

"My 95-year-old mother has trouble turning the small plastic knob on her favorite lamp.  the grooves on the knob, while east for most, hurt her fingers.   When I saw the Ergonomic Lamp knob, I figured I would give it a try.   The knob was very easy to install and its so much easier for my Mothers hands.  I plan to order a few more of these myself to make all her lamps easier to turn on and off.  I highly recommend this product for anyone having difficulty with those tine hard plastic knobs on most lamps."

"Handmade knobs are perfect - thank you!"

"Items arrived quickly and in great shape!"