Guitar Effect Pedals & Kits

Big River Hardware has a variety of custom Effect Pedals & Kits. 

Adding effects to your signal path is a great way to alter the sound of your guitar. Add reverb, delay, distortion, frequency ranges and other dynamic effects.

Bass guitar is an amazingly versatile instrument. You can get so many different sounds just by manipulating the way you play. But once in a while you have a song that is crying out for something unusual. Sometimes the difference between a decent tune and a truly great song is an unexpected texture applied just so in the mix. This is where having a number of bass effects at your disposal can put you over the top. Whether you want to get spacey, sparkly, or downright gnarly, it’s time to explore effects pedals for bass guitar. 

There's an endless selection of new and novel bass guitar pedal effects to choose from; it’s easy to find yourself discovering ten new sounds that you can’t live without!   Either but a pre-made build or discover the fun of building your own from a kit.