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Pink Guitar Pedals

Pink Guitar Pedals

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Rock in Style: Unleash the Power of Pink Guitar Pedals from Big River Hardware!

Make a statement with our Pink Guitar Pedals, the perfect fusion of style and sound, exclusively at Big River Hardware. Beyond their vibrant appearance, these pedals pack a punch in the world of guitar effects.

Experience high-gain distortion like never before, with the added precision of an adjustable mid-frequency control. Craft your signature sound with ease, whether you're chasing gritty rock tones or blazing metal riffs.

Compact and built to last with a sturdy metal shell, these pedals are as tough as they are eye-catching. The true bypass circuit ensures your signal remains pristine when the pedal is off, preserving your tone's integrity.

Power up conveniently with a 9V 300mA center-negative power supply, and let the music flow. Elevate your performance, elevate your style with Pink Guitar Pedals from Big River Hardware. Get ready to rock, and do it in style.



  • High gain distortion effect with adjustable mid frequency control
  • Compact size with metal shell
  • True bypass circuit
  • Support 9V 300mA center negative power supply.

Lay Out:

  •  Footswitch:Press to turn on or off the pedal.
  •  OUTPUT:1/4”mono audio jack
  •  LED Indicator:Indicates the On or Off status of the pedal.
  •  VOLUME:Rotate to adjust the volume level of distortion.
  •  GAIN:Rotate to adjust the gain level of distortion.
  •  DC IN:For connecting to power supply.
  •  INPUT:1/4”mono audio jack
  •  TONE:Rotate to adjust the tone color of distortion.


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