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2 in 1 Guitar Effect LED Light Wah Pedal

2 in 1 Guitar Effect LED Light Wah Pedal

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2-in-1 Guitar Effect and LED Light Wah Pedal Revolutionizes Your Sound and Stage Presence! 

Expression Pedal Volume Wah is an active volume/wah pedal for those people who think that a full-size, metal-casing LED Guitar Effect Wah Pedal is as heavy as balls and simply takes too much space on the pedal board. Pure analog circuit design combines an active volume and a vintage wah in 1 mini-sized pedal, which is extremely compact, and a true space-saver for your crowded pedal board. The volume part of the pedal is an active circuit, which would save you from a lot of trouble with impedance mismatch issues.

The wah part of the pedal is going after the iconic Crybaby style, vintage wah sound, which is dynamic and responsive, meanwhile employed widely by guitarists from all genres. The Vintage Wah Pedal is made of hard plastic, with a lightweight casing yet truly robust and well-built. Two LED light shows the working state of the pedal, indicating which mode the pedal is engaged with.

Choose from a palette of customizable colors and lighting patterns to sync with your music or create a unique atmosphere that sets you apart. Built for the demands of live performances, this 2-in-1 Guitar Pedal ensures reliability and durability, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your music. Unleash your sonic spectrum with a premium wah effect that adds depth to your guitar tones, while the integrated LED lights transform your stage presence into a visually captivating experience.


  • Experience a responsive and nuanced wah effect, adding depth and character to your guitar tones.
  • Maintain the integrity of your signal when the pedal is disengaged, ensuring a clean and transparent tone.
  • Built to endure the rigors of live performances, the pedal boasts a robust design ensuring reliability on stage.
  • Effortlessly tweak wah parameters and lighting settings with user-friendly controls, allowing real-time adjustments during your performance.


  • Input Impedance(Volume Mode): 1M Ohms;
  • Output Resistance(Expression Mode): 100 Ohms;
  • Power Supply:9V DC (Negative in the center); 22mA
  • Dimensions: 148.5(D)*65.5(W)*61(H)mm;
  • Net Weight: 250g.

Package Included:

1 x Pedal
1 x User Manual(English) 

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