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45 RPM Adapter

45 RPM Adapter

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45 RPM Adapter Solid Aluminum for Most Vinyl Record Turntables 2.2oz Replaces Standard 7” Singles Adaptor


  • SOLID ALUMINUM WILL NOT CRACK OR BREAK and will last a lifetime, this would probably be the only 45 adapter you will ever need; 7” Custom Made adapters are machined from high quality aluminum for stability and durability
  • EASY TO SLIP RECORDS ON OR OFF, Conical shape makes it a breeze to change your records, without the adapter coming off as well, totally useful when DJ-ing
  • HIGH QUALITY PRECISION-MADE UNIT, much more versatile than ordinary plastic adapters; fits perfectly on the turntable spindle with no wobble or play at all. Enhances the look of your turntable and the overall experience of playing 45's
  • AUDIOPHILE ESSENTIAL AND STUDIO GRADE PRODUCT, If you're really serious about making your 45's sound as good as they possibly can, then don't bother with molded plastic adapters. Only metal can be machined to the strict tolerances offered by the Record-Happy adapter

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