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5 Speed Custom Premium Wooden Gear Knobs - Metric

5 Speed Custom Premium Wooden Gear Knobs - Metric

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Big River Hardware brings to you these these premium Custom Premium Wooden Gear Knobs / Shift Knobs made in the USA  of solid hardwood .     Each knob is custom turned on a lathe and hand finished with 6 coats of oil varnish finish.  Since these knobs are custom made  please allow 10-30 days for delivery. 


Diameter 2 inches

Height  2-1/4 inch

Shape :  Oval

Material:  Mahogany


If you want your knob to be customized  you can select one of our designs or send us your logo, name, initial ,etc .  It cost $30 to customize and it takes an additional 10 days.  

If you send us your own design the color black is what will be carved into the knob.

Finally,   we make these to order of the finest materials and finishes.  If you prefer a different type of wood or finish please let us know.




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