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6L6 Tubes

6L6 Tubes

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Introducing the PSVANE 6L6G  (EL34), a brand new vacuum tube amplifier for HIFI audio enthusiasts. This product is an original and genuine precision matched quad, meaning that all four tubes have been rigorously tested to match and ensure optimal performance.

With a limit rating of 800V anode voltage, 500V 2nd grid voltage, and 25W anode power dissipation, the PSVANE 6L6G is designed to handle high voltage and power levels with ease. Additionally, its static parameters include Ua of 250V, Ug2 of 250V, and Ia of 100mA, among other impressive specs.

At our store, we guarantee the quality of our electronic tubes and promise free replacements within one year in the unlikely event of any quality problems. Whether you purchase two tubes for a precision matched pair or four for a precision matched quad, you can be confident in the performance of your PSVANE 6L6G tubes.

Please note that while the picture parameters are for reference only, we ensure that each tube is shipped after strict inspection to eliminate any possibility of receiving a fake or shoddy product. If you require multiple tubes with matching parameters, we have the conditions and advantages to fulfill your needs.

Experience the ultimate sound quality with the PSVANE 6L6G for your vacuum tube amplifier.


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