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Antique Radio Capacitors

Antique Radio Capacitors

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antique radio capacitors, Antique tube amplifer capacitors - 630 Volts




1. Quantity: 200 Pcs

2. Value: 25 types

3. Category: film capacitor

4. Structure: fixed capacitor


Package includes:

10PCS x 630V102 0.001uf

10PCS x 630V222 0.0022uf

10PCS x 630V332 0.0033uf

10PCS x 630V472 0.0047uf

10PCS x 630V682 0.0068uf

10PCS x 630V103 0.01uf

10PCS x 630V153 0.015uf

10PCS x 630V183 0.018uf

10PCS x 630V223 0.022uf

10PCS x 630V273 0.027uf

10PCS x 630V333 0.033uf

10PCS x 630V393 0.039uf

10PCS x 630V473 0.047uf

10PCS x 630V683 0.068uf

10PCS x 630V104 0.1uf

10PCS x 630V154 0.15uf

10PCS x 630V224 0.22uf

10PCS x 630V334 0.33uf

5PCS x 630V394 0.39uf

5PCS x 630V474 0.47uf

2PCS x 630V564 0.56uf

2PCS x 630V684 0.68uf

2PCS x 630V824 0.82uf

2PCS x 630V105 1uf

2PCS x 630V225 2.2uf


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 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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