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Antique Radio Capacitors

Antique Radio Capacitors

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"Rediscover Vintage Radios with Authentic Antique Radio Capacitors – Big-River-Hardware"

Immerse yourself in the golden age of radio with Big-River-Hardware's Antique Radio Capacitors. If you're a passionate collector, restorer, or enthusiast of vintage radios, our authentic capacitors are the key to reviving the nostalgia and charm of these iconic pieces of history. Our Antique Radio Capacitors are meticulously sourced and designed to maintain the integrity and authenticity of antique radios. Crafted with precision and a commitment to preserving the past, these capacitors ensure that your vintage radios operate as they did when they first graced living rooms.

At Big-River-Hardware, we understand the significance of these timeless treasures and the importance of genuine, reliable components. Our capacitors provide stability and longevity, breathing new life into your cherished radio collection. Rediscover the magic of bygone eras with Big-River-Hardware's Antique Radio Capacitors – your trusted source for authentic vintage radio restoration. Embrace the crackling sounds and nostalgic tunes of yesteryears with confidence, knowing that your radios are in the best hands. Explore our collection today!

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10V100UF A 4X7MM                      10V100UF B 5X5MM                       10V100UF C 5X7MM

10V100UF D 5X11MM                    16V100UF  A 5X7MM                       16V100UF B 5X11MM

16V100UF C 6X5MM                      16V100UF D  6X7MM                       25V100UF A 6X7MM

25V100UF B 6X12MM                     35V100UF A 6X7MM                       35V100UF B  6X12MM

50V100UF A 6X12MM                     50V100UF B 8X10MM                     50V100UF C  8X12MM

63V100UF A 8X12MM                     63V100UF B 10X13MM                   100V100UF A 10X17MM

200V100UF  B 16X25MM                250V100UF C 16X25MM                 400V100UF A 16X30MM

400V100UF B 18X25MM                 400V100UF C 18X30MM                 450V100UF18X35MM


Other Low ESR high frequency aluminum capacitor


Hot sell 87 models

50V 1UF

400V 3.3UF

50-450V 4.7UF

250-450V 6.8UF

400V 8.2UF

400v 15uf

50-450v 10uf

50-400V 22UF

250-450V 33UF

25-450V 68UF

400-450V 82UF

16v-450V 100UF

400-450V 180UF

400-450V 120UF

63-450V 150UF

10-450V 220UF

16-250V 330UF

10-250V 470UF

10-100V 680UF

6.3-50V 820UF

6.3-100V 1000UF

16V 1200UF

16-100V 2200UF

10-63V 4700UF

16V 10000UF

16V 22000UF

6.3-63V 3300UF

25-50V 6800UF

 6.3-16V 1800UF


Aluminum electrolytic capacitor Black


50V 0.1-0.47UF

50-450v 1uf

50-400V 2.2UF

16-450V 10uf

400/450v 15uf

16-450V 47UF

10-250V 220UF

10-220V 330uf

10-250V 470UF

400V 150UF


16V 15000UF

25V 22000UF

10-63V 4700UF

 16-25V 10000UF

16-100V 1000UF


50-450V 4.7UF



16-63V 3300UF

16-450V 33UF





25 / 63 /450V120UF







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