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50uf Antique radio capacitors

50uf Antique radio capacitors

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Enhance Your Vintage Audio Equipment with 50uf Antique Radio Capacitors from Big River Hardware.

Restore the classic sound of your vintage audio equipment with our 50uf Antique Radio Capacitors, available exclusively at Big River Hardware. These high-quality capacitors are perfect for preserving the authentic charm and performance of antique radios and guitar amps.

With a capacitance rating of 50uf + 50uf and a voltage rating of 500V, these capacitors are designed to handle the unique demands of antique radio and guitar amp circuitry. The dimensions of 34mm OD x 75mm L (1.339" OD x 2.953" L) ensure a precise fit in your equipment.

Our capacitors are built to withstand the test of time, with a temperature rating of 85°C. Whether you're a vintage audio enthusiast or a professional restorer, these capacitors are a must-have for preserving the authentic sound and character of your equipment.

Trust Big River Hardware for top-quality vintage audio components. Restore and revitalize your cherished audio gear with our 50uf Antique Radio Capacitors. Order now and bring back the golden age of sound!

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