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Antique Radio Capacitors

Antique Radio Capacitors

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Restore Vintage Radios to Glory with Antique Radio Capacitors from Big River Hardware

Rediscover the golden era of radio with Antique Radio Capacitors, exclusively available at Big River Hardware. Crafted with precision and designed to bring life back to cherished vintage radios, these capacitors are the perfect choice for collectors, enthusiasts, and restorers seeking to revive the authentic sound and charm of classic radio sets.

Antique Radio Capacitors are more than just components; they are the heart of radio restoration. Crafted from high-quality materials, these capacitors are tailored to preserve the authenticity of vintage radios while ensuring their optimal performance. Say goodbye to static, interference, and poor sound quality as you breathe new life into your antique treasures.

Whether you're a seasoned radio restorer, a collector of vintage technology, or someone with a passion for preserving history, Antique Radio Capacitors are your essential tools. Elevate your restoration projects, relive the glory of classic radios, and let Antique Radio Capacitors from Big River Hardware be your trusted companions on the journey to preserving the sounds of the past for generations to come.

  •  32uf + 32uf 500V
  • Dimension: 35mm OD x 50mm L (1.38" OD x 1.97" L)
  • 500V 32uf + 32uf 85°C

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