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Balalaika Instrument

Balalaika Instrument

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"Rediscover Folk Tradition with the Balalaika Instrument at Big River Hardware"

Journey into the heart of Folk musical heritage with the Balalaika Instrument, exclusively available at Big River Hardware. Named after its distinctive triangular body, this grand guitar holds a unique place in Russian culture and music, affectionately known as "Balalaika" (Russian: балалайка).

The Balalaika's resonance box is a testament to its triangular charm, with horizontal string support in the middle and lower sections. Its elegant design features an inlaid guitar handle and a bone-made pronunciation grade. The slightly wider, sloping handle offers a comfortable grip for both pick and fingernail playing.

Though it boasts a lower volume, the Balalaika Instrument's enchanting tones are perfect for solo performances and intimate family gatherings. Embrace the melodious traditions of Russia and add a touch of cultural richness to your music collection with this unique instrument, available only at Big River Hardware. Start your musical journey today!

  • Panel: Spruce
  • Back and side panels: Mahogany
  • Fingerboard Material: Rosewood
  • width: 39.3cm, height: 67cm with bag
  • Grand guitar tuning: A C E

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