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Best Hardtail Bridge

Best Hardtail Bridge

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"Achieve Perfect Tones with the Best Hardtail Bridge – Big River Hardware's Must-Have for Electric Guitars!"

Elevate your guitar's performance and precision with the Best Hardtail Bridge, a masterpiece available exclusively at Big River Hardware. Designed to deliver flawless tones and reliable stability, this 6-string hardtail bridge is a game-changer for electric guitar enthusiasts.

Crafted with precision from high-quality zinc alloy, this bridge is the perfect fit for Fender Strat and Tele electric guitars, available in both Chrome and Black finishes. With a string spread of approximately 53.7MM and a baseplate measuring around 65 x 42MM, it ensures impeccable string spacing and a secure connection.

The top-loading saddle design makes installation a breeze, granting easy access for adjusting intonation and height levels. With a standard string spacing of 10.5mm from E to E," your guitar's performance reaches new heights.

Don't compromise on sound quality and stability. Upgrade your electric guitar with the Best Hardtail Bridge from Big River Hardware, and let your music resonate with perfection. Shop now for the ultimate accessory to your musical journey!

Package included:

1 * Guitar Bridge Set, 5pcs screws and wrench

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