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Best Headphone Guitar Amp

Best Headphone Guitar Amp

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Unleash Your Sound: Discover the Best Headphone Guitar Amp at Big River Hardware

Elevate your guitar practice and performances to a whole new level with the Best Headphone Guitar Amp, available exclusively at Big River Hardware. Designed for musicians who crave versatility and precision, this amp is your secret weapon for unleashing your unique sound.

Experience the freedom to practice anytime, anywhere, without disturbing others. Our top-quality headphone guitar amp delivers crystal-clear audio and a range of adjustable settings, ensuring your music shines through.

With the Best Headphone Guitar Amp from Big River Hardware, you'll enjoy studio-quality tones and the ability to fine-tune your sound to perfection. Whether you're a seasoned guitarist or just starting your musical journey, this amp is your go-to companion for immersive, private practice sessions.

Don't compromise on your music's potential. Unlock your true potential with the Best Headphone Guitar Amp from Big River Hardware and embark on a sonic adventure like never before. Your sound, your way!

  • Best Headphone Guitar Amp
  • Output power: >=1100mW (32 ohms)
  • Adapted earphone impedance: 18-600 ohms
  • Total harmonic distortion: <0.005%
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: >=110DB
  • Frequency response: 20-30KHz
  • D2 reference size: 96*7.5 (length * width * height CM, height includes the height of the tube)

How to use D2

  • 1 Connect to the 3.5 input terminal  and your audio device via an audio cable
  • Such as mobile phones, computers, MP3s, lossless music players, etc.
  • 2 The switch and volume control share the same knob, rotating from left to right
  • Turn it on, the volume increases, and after turning it on, the power indicator light is on.
  • 3 It can be used as a preamplifier, and can be connected to various power amplifiers or
  • Active speakers.

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