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Big River Hardware

Ceramic Magnet Pickups

Ceramic Magnet Pickups

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Elevate Your Sound with Ceramic Magnet Pickups at Big River Hardware!

Discover the secret to electrifying your music with our Ceramic Magnet Pickups, exclusively available at Big River Hardware. Designed for musicians who demand precision and power, these pickups will revolutionize your sound.Crafted with cutting-edge ceramic magnets, these pickups offer unparalleled clarity and responsiveness. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding musician, you'll be amazed at the depth and warmth these pickups bring to your instrument. Say goodbye to muddled tones and hello to crystal-clear notes that cut through the mix.

Our Ceramic Magnet Pickups are engineered for durability and longevity. They can withstand the rigors of live performances and countless studio sessions, ensuring your music remains exceptional for years to come. Upgrade your guitar, bass, or any other compatible instrument with these pickups, and experience a sonic transformation like never before. Elevate your music game today with Ceramic Magnet Pickups, your secret weapon for sonic excellence. Get yours at Big River Hardware and start making music that truly resonates!

  • The open design make the output volume clear and bright.
  • Applicable both guitar, high output for punk, metal and other heavy metal rock style.

Product description
  • Pole-pieces: Dig Adjustable Screw
  • Color: White/Black/Red/Red Black/Purple/Green/Blue/Yellow Black for choose
  • Bobbin: Plastic
  • Magnet: Ceramic Bar
  • Cable: Four Conduct with Shield
  • Resistance: 7.2k for Neck . 15k for Bridge

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