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Zenith Radio Dial Belts

Zenith Radio Dial Belts

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Zenith Tube Radio Dial Belt, Brand New

A  string of elastic is placed inside of the fabric loop and glued with superglue at the ends to form high quality radio dial belt!   The elastic used is made of polyester and rubber to make it stretch and hold its form, while the fabric around the elastic is made of stretchy cotton

Why fabric?  It provides the right grip and  allows for a smooth, slip-free in most vintage radio pulley and turning systems. 

You will receive a pre-glued elastics that is the perfect fit for most Zenith consoles.   However,  you can easily cut the elastic and superglue to create a smaller belt to custom fit your radio.

For Zenith consoles  it is recommended to remove the turning system spring and clean and oil the pivot points before using the new dial belt.

This is  for 2 (two)  replacement dial belts.

The following are some of the models that have  used this dial belt.   

Zenith models:

models: 6S249, 6S254, 6S256, 6S341, 6S362, 7J232, 7J259, 7S232, 7S240, 7S242, 7S258, 7S260, 9S204, 9S232, 9S242, 9S244, 9S262, 9S263, 9S264, 9S365, 12S205, 12S232, 12S245, 12S265, 12S266, 12S267, 12S268, 15U246, 15U269, 15U270, 15U272, 15U273



 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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