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Crystal Flute

Crystal Flute

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Crystal Vertical Flute Musical Instruments Imiaition Jade Flute 6 hole or 8 hole 80cm F G

Each one is handmade 

Material: organic glass

Color: As Pictures 

Holes: 6 or 8 finger holes. we will deliver 8 holes G key acquiescently.

Key optional: F,G

They are decorated with kiln fired decorations. In the kiln the decorations melt at over 1000° F, making a very beautiful and durable glass to glass bond.

Inline: The tone holes and mouth hole are all in a row.
Offset: The mouth hole is slightly rolled out and the tone holes are offset for finger comfort.



Key optional:F,G key.Please leave message to write which 

key and which hole (6 holes or 8 Holes)you want to buy before order,other wise we we arrange delivery G KEY 8 HOLES FOR YOU. 

Free Shipping - Allow 30 days


 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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