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Custom Leather Wallets

Custom Leather Wallets

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Custom Leather Wallet, Handmade Leather Coin Pouch, Leather Coin Sap


Material: 100% genuine leather 

Weight: 0.1kg

This is a popular coin purse model made to be worn on the belt.

The purse is handcrafted and finely hand stitched from thick full grain leather, giving you a product that will last a lifetime.

This coin wallet features a quality made zipper and allows you to add coins to it for the weight.
Thick leather slapjack vintage coin purse may be effective as a self-defence tool.

SIZE : 25 cm x 7.5  x 1.5  cm // 9.84 in x 3 in

Every item is cut, sewn and finished by hand.
Practical and functional, our products are crafted using traditional techniques and sustainable materials.

Our items made of a full grain leather will age beautifully and develop its own unique patina.
The leather items do not require much maintenance, but you may protect and restore them using natural beeswax.


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