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Disc Stabilizer Turntable Record Weight

Disc Stabilizer Turntable Record Weight

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 Elevate the aesthetics of your vinyl experience with this tasteful record weight.

Whether you're a seasoned audiophile or just beginning your vinyl journey, the Disc Stabilizer is designed for universal compatibility. It works seamlessly with a variety of turntables, adding a layer of sophistication to your setup. This is a great record stabilizer for a record player, which will efficiently keep the disc from shaking and reduce vibration with stabilizing rotational speed. This Turntable Records Weight to eliminate vibration, stabilizing rotational speed and maintaining a horizontal level of the turntable.

Metal construction and exquisite finish make Metal Disc Stabilizer exceptionally durable. Realistic sound reproduction and lower noise provide you a pure and excellent enjoyment in music. The spindle hole is suitable for the 7mm diameter of the spindle and fits well with most existing turntables. 

Elevate every note and rediscover the joy of listening to vinyl with this essential accessory. It is perfect for maintaining stability and improving acoustic quality. Immerse yourself in the purest audio experience with the Metal Record Weight. Designed to sit atop your vinyl records, this stabilizer minimizes vibrations and resonances, allowing your turntable's stylus to glide smoothly. 


  • For resonance vibration, stabilizing rotational speed.
  • Provides pure signal retrieval and realistic sound reproduction
  • Improves stereo image and focussing, stabilizes sound image
  • Gives an improved signal when burning quality CDs from LPs


  • Color: Silver
  • Disc surface stabilizer diameter: 79mm/3.11 inch (approx.)
  • Hand-held part diameter: 33mm/1.30inch(approx.)
  • Material: Metal
  • Quantity: 1Pc
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