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Electric Guitar Body Blanks

Electric Guitar Body Blanks

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"Craft Your Sonic Canvas: Explore Electric Guitar Body Blanks at Big River Hardware!"

Unleash your inner luthier and shape your musical masterpiece with our Electric Guitar Body Blanks, exclusively available at Big River Hardware. These body blanks aren't just pieces of wood; they're the canvas upon which you'll paint your sonic masterpiece.Crafted from premium wood, each body blank embodies the raw potential of your dream guitar. Whether you're envisioning a classic or contemporary design, these blanks provide the foundation for your creative vision.

With their precise cuts and exq uisite grains, they're perfect for both seasoned builders and aspiring artisans. The result? A guitar that resonates with your unique style and sound.Craftsmanship meets creativity as you carve, contour, and craft your dream instrument. Explore the possibilities with Electric Guitar Body Blanks from Big River Hardware and watch your musical vision come to life, one cut at a time.

  • Unfinished guitar body suits for electric guitar DIY parts.
  • with fine workmanship,durable and safe to use.
  • Designed for optimum comfort and good hand positioning.
  • Body has been predrilled and polished,perfect for custom your own electric guitar.
  • Great gift for guitar luthiers and lovers,just enjoy the fun brought by DIY.


  • Material: Maple
  • Package Weight: approx.1100g
  • Color: Wood Color
  • Type Optional: Forehand/Backhand
  • Size: approx.455x330mm/17.91x12.99in

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