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Electric Rosewood Fingerboard Mandolin

Electric Rosewood Fingerboard Mandolin

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Harmonize Your World: Unleash the Melodic Magic of the Electric Rosewood Fingerboard Mandolin at Big River Hardware!

Elevate your musical journey with our Electric Rosewood Fingerboard Mandolin, exclusively available at Big River Hardware. This isn't just a mandolin; it's your passport to a symphony of sonic possibilities.Crafted with precision and passion, this mandolin boasts a rich rosewood fingerboard that invites your fingers to dance across its frets. Whether you're plucking delicate folk melodies or strumming energetic bluegrass tunes, the mandolin responds with impeccable clarity and resonance.

Designed for both beginners and seasoned musicians, the electric feature adds versatility to your performances. Plug in and let your melodies electrify the air, captivating audiences far and wide.Unveil the artist within you, compose your ballads, and explore new musical horizons with the Electric Rosewood Fingerboard Mandolin from Big River Hardware. It's time to harmonize your world and let the music flow from your fingertips.


  • - 8-string A-style electric mandolin.
  • - Fantastic electro acoustic mandolin, for playing both at home or on stage.
  • - Folk instruments have become increasingly popular in a wide of music styles and this 8 string mandolin has received fantastic reviews.
  • - The Mandolin has impressive playability with a great sound to match. It has a body and single coil pickup giving the facitlity to plug into an amplifier.
  • - An mandolin for any beginner or guitarist looking for a new challenge.
  • - Comes with some useful accessories, including mandolin bag, capo, picks and strings.


  • Type: A Style Electric Mandolin
  • Color: Sunset Color
  • Size(cm): 68*27.4*4.8
  • Material: Basswood
  • Fingerboard material: Rosewood

Package List:

  • 1 * Electric Mandolin
  • 1 * Mandolin Bag
  • 1 * Cleaning Cloth
  • 1 set of strings
  • 5 * Picks
  • 1 * Capo

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