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Erhu Violin Instrument

Erhu Violin Instrument

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Experience Elegance and Tradition with the Erhu Violin Instrument 

Dive into the rich world of classical music with the Erhu Violin Instrument, a harmonious blend of tradition and artistry exclusively available at Big River Hardware. This iconic two-stringed instrument, also known as the "Chinese violin," offers a captivating and soulful sound that has enchanted listeners for centuries. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Erhu Violin Instrument preserves the essence of its cultural heritage while delivering exceptional performance. Whether you're an experienced musician or a curious beginner, this instrument offers a remarkable playing experience. 

The Erhu's hauntingly beautiful tones evoke a sense of elegance and nostalgia, making it perfect for classical compositions, world music, and modern interpretations. Its versatile range and expressive qualities will transport your audience on a musical journey like no other. Embrace the beauty of tradition and elevate your musical repertoire with the Erhu Violin Instrument from Big River Hardware. Experience the timeless melodies and captivating soundscapes that only this instrument can provide. Let your music resonate with the grace and charm of the Erhu today.

  • Burma python skin
  • Bow: Solid wood
  • Hexagon erhu
  • Better resonance

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