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Renovated Radio

Fada Art Deco Radio

Fada Art Deco Radio

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Fada Art Deco Radio

Beautiful, working, 1930's FADA bakelite radio.

The set dates to 1939. This model, sold in Lafayette radio stores, was manufactured for Lafayette by Fada.

Fada was most famous for it's catalin radios

Excellent luster, a gorgeous,    T

Great deco styling thoughout.

It has the usual AM/broadcast band as a well as two shortwave bands.

 The radio is quite substantial measuring, 13 inches long, 7 high, 6 deep.

It has had a complete electronics tune up with new capacitors; tubes and resistors checked and replaced as needed.
The dial belts are new for smooth motor operation and tuning. The chassis is clean and rust fee. The radio has very nice reception with no hum


Pick-up only on this radio. I can, however, hold it for you while you obtain shipping via either a courier, antique movers, or UShip, which seems to be the lowest price.



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