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Big River Hardware

Felt Turntable Mat

Felt Turntable Mat

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Big River Hardware's Felt Turntable Mat: Where Elegance Meets Audio Excellence!

Elevate your vinyl listening experience to new heights with Big River Hardware's Felt Turntable Mat. Designed for both audiophiles and casual listeners, this mat combines aesthetics with audiophile-grade performance.Crafted from high-quality felt, it not only reduces vibrations and eliminates static but also adds a touch of elegance to your turntable setup. Say goodbye to unwanted pops and clicks while indulging in the rich, warm tones of your favorite records.

The precision-cut design ensures a perfect fit for most turntables, making it a versatile choice for vinyl enthusiasts of all levels. Plus, it's easy to install and won't damage your records. Enhance the visual appeal of your turntable while enjoying a superior listening experience. Big River Hardware's Felt Turntable Mat offers the perfect blend of form and function. Elevate your vinyl journey – order yours today!

  • 3mm thick felt is great for supporting lighter thinner vinyl records.
  • Fits most turntables with no modifications, no trimming required: 11.6" (295mm) diameter.
  • Helps minimize vibration and motor noises from being amplified and interfering with your sound quality.
  • Cushions your valuable vinyl to help achieve maximum record life.
  • Professional look on your turntable shows your care about your music.
  • Color: Multiple.

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