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finger exerciser set for guitar

finger exerciser set for guitar

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Elevate Your Guitar Playing with the Finger Exerciser Set for Guitar from Big River Hardware

Unleash your full guitar-playing potential with our Finger Exerciser Set for Guitar, exclusively available at Big River Hardware. This comprehensive set is designed to help you build finger strength, enhance dexterity, and improve your overall guitar skills, making it an essential addition to any musician's toolkit.Crafted with precision and care, our Finger Exerciser Set offers a versatile and effective way to elevate your guitar playing. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned guitarist, this set provides the tools you need to master complex chord progressions, intricate fingerpicking techniques, and lightning-fast scales.

The set includes multiple finger exercisers with adjustable resistance levels, ensuring that you can tailor your practice to your skill level and goals. Compact and portable, you can take your practice sessions anywhere, ensuring consistent improvement.Invest in your passion, invest in your future, with Big River Hardware's Finger Exerciser Set for Guitar. Elevate your guitar skills, enjoy free shipping, and expect delivery in just 30 days. Join the ranks of accomplished guitarists who have harnessed the power of finger strength and dexterity to create music that resonates with the soul.


  • Material: ABS,TPR
  • Color:  4 color options
  • Item Weight: about 350g/160g for 1 piece
  • Application: Sport and Recovery
  • Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement
  • Due to various monitors and lighting conditions, colors may be slightly different from listed photos


  • 1 Piece hand gripper/
  • 5pcs set:
  • 1 Piece Adjustable hand gripper
  • 1 Piece Hand and finger exerciser 
  • 1 Piece Hand therapy ball
  • 1 Piece Silicone hand and finger exerciser
  • 1 Piece Hand grip ring

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