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Footswitch Topper

Footswitch Topper

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Footswitch Topper
1.Made of durable aluminium alloy material,rubber protection inside
2.Adds style and performance to your Guitar effects.
3.Footswitch toppers are colorful plastic bumpers intended to be put on the footswitch of your pedals.
Some guys are using them for the "hard to reach" footswitches which might otherwise require a
tactically aimed big toe to successfully engage without disturbing anything else.
4.Some people just like them as a bit of fun or as a way for them to pimp up their pedals.
5.Attention Plese :Fits 10mm Pedal Switch
Material:aluminium alloy
Fit for: 10mm Pedal Switch
Color:Mixed Six Colors(red,blue,green,gold,silver,purple)
Package List:
3 x Pedal Toppers+ 1 x wrench (this package for 3 PCS Gloden/3 PCS Purple/3 PCS Red/3 PCS Blue/3 PCS Silver/3 PCS Green )
6 x Pedal Toppers(include the rubber protector)+ 1 x wrench ( this package for 6 PCS Mix Color )

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