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Fox Whistle

Fox Whistle

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Fox Whistle
High performance and it is in great reliability,cause it has been through testing standards.
Easy to use and to operate at affordable prices 
It can make enticing distress cries that attract foxes, feral cats, wild dogs.
Non-toxic,non-odor,safe for use.
Perfect tool that is  useful,helpful and so practical.
Easy to use:
You simply place the call between your teeth and blow!
Your teeth fit easily and precisely between the centre and
side rib on the flat of the call, so easy to locate correctly
every time. 
Even in total darkness. 
Doesn't matter which way you put the call in your mouth, Just locate the ribs and your are ready to begin calling Can be held in the
mouth, no hands needed. 
So great for hunting with gun, bows or crossbows!
Depending on how hard you bight down on the call depends on the pitch, and how hard you blow alters the volume. 
You can make the little squeaks of a baby field mouse, right up to the terrified screams of a larger animal and all the sounds in between. 
The combination of bite pressure and airflow gives you the variations in sounds that give you the edge in the field,And if you want volume, well this is the call for you! 
By blowing hard through the call and using medium bight pressure this call can be heard over 2 kilometers away humans and much further by predators with their alhearing
Will make foxes, feral cat's, Dingos and running straight in to you.
Color: black
Package includes:
1 x  Fox Blaster

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 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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