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Fuse Assortments

Fuse Assortments

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Stay Prepared with Fuse Assortments – Explore Big River Hardware's Wide Range!

When electrical protection matters most, trust Big River Hardware's comprehensive selection of Fuse Assortments to keep your circuits safeguarded. Our extensive range of fuses is designed to cater to every electrical need, ensuring you're always prepared for any situation. With a diverse assortment of fuse types, amperages, and sizes, our Fuse Assortments are a valuable asset for homeowners, professionals, and DIY enthusiasts. From safeguarding your home appliances to securing critical industrial systems, our fuses deliver reliable protection against overloads and short circuits.

Big River Hardware takes pride in offering high-quality fuse assortments, carefully curated to provide optimal performance and peace of mind. Whether you're restocking your toolkit or building a comprehensive fuse collection, we have the right assortment for you.Don't compromise on electrical safety. Explore Big River Hardware's Fuse Assortments today and ensure that your circuits remain protected. With our range, you're one step closer to keeping your electrical systems running smoothly and securely.


  • Mainly used for protecting the electrical circuit against overload and short-circuits, it also be for protecting the semiconductor device.
  • Protection against overload and short circuits in electric lines.
  • Those glass tube fuses are packaged in a clear plastic box for keeping different Ampere values separated and easy to access.

Package Includes:


F1AL250V x 15PCS

F2AL250V x 15PCS

F3AL250V x 15PCS

F5AL250V x 15PCS

F6AL250V x 15PCS

F7AL250V x 15PCS

F8AL250V x 15PCS

F10AL250V x 15PCS

F15AL250V x 15PCS

F20AL250V x 15PCS


F1AL250V x 20PCS

F5AL250V x 20PCS

F10AL250V x 20PCS

F15AL250V x 20PCS

F20AL250V x 20PCS

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