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Guitar Knobs

Guitar Knobs

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Gutiar knobs

Product Description
Guyker iron control knobs are for sound equipment or rotary potentiometer, for protection and easy control. The
tone knobs have a knurled finish around their circumference.

- Designed to fit most guitars or bass which have split shaft pots with diameter 6mm (0.24 inches).
- Compatible with most Tele Start EPI SG Les Paul style electric guitar / precision bass instruments.
- Good weight and feel to replace your plastic knobs.
- Great DIY parts for guitarists or luthiers.
- Control the electric guitar / bass tone & volume.

- Outside Diameter: approx. 18 mm / 0.71 in
- Inner hollow shaft diameter: Approx. 6 mm / 0.24 in
- Total height: approx. 18 mm / 0.71 in
- Material: Iron
- Shape: Cylinder with a dome
- Color: Chrome,Gold



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