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Guitar Stand - Electric

Guitar Stand - Electric

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If you want to prop up your guitar but don't want to use something plastic or unsightly, that's exactly why we designed this guitar stand. We came up with a minimal solution to securely store your guitar on something that looks just as nice as the guitar itself (or any other piece of furniture in your space). Featuring steel rod, molded plywood, natural soft leather and brass details, this stand definitely gives off mid-century modern vibes. Individually handcrafted in Southern Nevada.

  • - Available in satin black or gloss white powder coated steel.
    Wood mounts available in natural Walnut, Oak or Teak, hand-sanded and coated in high-performance satin lacquer.
    - Natural leather on wood rests for extra protection.
    - Saddle leather for white base/ black leather for black base.
    - Natural brass or nickel ball feet and hardware.
    - Holds most electric guitars.
    Rubber bushing softly supports the back of the guitar.
    - Made to order in 1-2 weeks (large orders may increase lead time).



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