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bamboo flute

bamboo flute

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Item description:

  • Name: Traditional handmade Chinese Dizi bamboo flute.

  • Material: natural hard Bitter Bamboo

  • Color: As Pictures, There are 5 colors ,6 kinds of Flutes for choose

  • Holes: Morden 6 finger holes

  • The difference between the Key:  C-D--E-F-G-: sound gets higher  in turn, shorter in length,  thinner in turn.

  • Size: C-65cm,D-61cm,  E-55cm, F-52cm, G-48cm,

  • Characteristics: 2 sections of the flute with brass joints, easy  for carrying. You should link them together first before playing.

  • Type:   1.original color with copper joint on middle  .  2. the two side of the flute with white imitation ox bones

Package includes:
1* bamboo flute
1* Flute Membrane
1 * Membrane glue
1* Flannel flute bag
1*White jade Chinese knot
1*Flute diaphragm protector


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