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Korean Long Drum Janggu

Korean Long Drum Janggu

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Embark on a rhythmic journey with the Korean Drum Janggu, a testament to traditional craftsmanship. 

Our Traditional Korean Music is rich in cultural heritage and features a variety of unique musical instruments. Their instruments encompass a diverse range of instruments that have been integral to the country’s musical heritage for centuries. They’re even classified into various categories based on their characteristics and sound-producing mechanisms. Ideal for cultural events, performances, or simply adding a touch of tradition to your home, the Korean Drum Janggu is a versatile and striking choice.

Meticulously made by skilled artisans, this percussion instrument embodies the rich cultural heritage of Korea. This Cowhide National Drum is a classic hourglass shape and vibrant colors making it not just a drum but a work of art. The Janggu is not just a musical instrument; it's a versatile cultural symbol. Traditionally used in various Korean performing arts, it represents the heartbeat of Korean traditions.

Experience the authentic sound of Korea with the Janggu. This Korean long drum has two heads, one for higher-pitched sounds and the other for lower tones, creating a harmonious resonance. Whether you're a musician, a cultural enthusiast, or someone looking for unique decor, the Janggu delivers an unmistakably authentic auditory experience.


  • It is an accompaniment and melodic janggu.
  • Making it a perfect addition for those who appreciate the beauty of cultural expression.
  • The horseskin is thicker than the existing leather, and when it is half-dried, it becomes dull to make the sound magnificent.
  • A piece of acid-free tissue folded like a concertina, with flat tissue wrapped around it, so the folded tissue doesn’t rub against the objects.
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