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Renovated Radio

Zenith Radio 12S471 Aztec / Guitar Amplifier

Zenith Radio 12S471 Aztec / Guitar Amplifier

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Zenith Radio Magnificent Art Deco 1940 Zenith 12S471 "Aztec" Console, Restored & Works Well!

 This is a one of kind design that reminds me of of a rocket...this was high tech of the 1940's.  This model was known at "The Aztec" and is a classic in art deco design.   This is a top of the line model from 1940,  high-performing 12 tube chassis, a 3 band robot dial or shutter dial with different colored faces that is unique to this model.

You rarely find this design come available and it is a one of a kind piece of history.

 This particular set came out of the house of the original owner here in Illinois many years ago, and has since been meticulously, thoroughly restored, with even an aux input for a Bluetooth receiver, TV, LP, CD, electric guitar, etc.   This aux input is controlled by a switch on the back that was originally used to connect a TV.  

. The tuner was removed, cleaned, and re-lubricated. All capacitors (except a few Mica) have been replaced, as well as all out-of-tolerance resistors, and all bad wiring. The tubes were checked, and any weak ones were replaced. The radio was then re-aligned to factory specifications, and receives stations all across the dial.

The cabinet was cleaned and refinished  with various shades of toner.   It was then given several coats of lacquer.  It does has some veneer damage on  one side  which was repaired with filler and blended with the tonner (see photo)

The antenna dust cover was replaced with a new reproduction and really adds a finished touch. 

Like all high tube-count Zeniths of this era, it picks up station from near and far clearly (with the help of its built-in “Wave Magnet” antenna), and produces crisp, clear treble and warm, mellow bass with the help of its fine large speaker.

The green tuning eye, as you can see, glows bright, and is quite sensitive, and the push buttons, both tone controls and station pre-sets, work just as they should. 


PLEASE NOTE: This set is located in Sugar Grove, Illinois and can be picked up there.

Payment must be received BEFORE pickup or delivery is scheduled.

 It measures 42.5”h x 27”w x 15.5”d, and absolutely commands attention wherever you put it – and that’s before you turn it on!   It weighs 57 lbs.

Pick-up only on this radio. I can, however, hold it for you while you obtain shipping via either a courier, antique movers, or UShip, which seems to be the lowest cost.

Disclaimer: Because the radio itself, and the mechanical features (dials and dial related parts, push buttons, as well as tubes, etc.) are over 80 years old, I cannot guarantee their functionality. Everything will work, however, when I ship it, unless otherwise specified. But any future malfunctions or failures are beyond my control. As such, I can only guarantee that the radio worked before it was shipped. No other guarantee applies, and no refunds will be given.


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