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Metal Guiro Instrument

Metal Guiro Instrument

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Unleash Rhythmic Brilliance with the Metal Guiro Instrument

Dive into the world of percussion with the Metal Guiro Instrument, a versatile and distinctive musical tool exclusively available at Big River Hardware. Crafted to deliver captivating rhythms and endless creative possibilities, this instrument is a must-have for musicians and enthusiasts alike.

Our Metal Guiro Instrument is meticulously designed for exceptional performance. Its textured metal surface produces a range of dynamic sounds, from sharp staccatos to resonant tones, making it perfect for various musical genres and styles. Whether you're a seasoned percussionist or a newcomer to rhythm, this guitar instrument offers a satisfying playing experience.

With its durable construction and ergonomic design, you can confidently explore diverse playing techniques and experiment with unique textures. Elevate your musical compositions, add depth to your performances, and become the rhythm maestro you've always wanted to be with the Metal Guiro Instrument from Big River Hardware. Unleash your rhythmic brilliance today!


(3"*8"): Dia:7.5cm,L:21cm,W:0.2KG

(3"*10"): Dia:7.5cm,L:25cm,W:0.27KG

(4"*12"): Dia:10cm,L:32cm,W:0.4KG



(3"*15"): Dia:8.2cm,L:37cm,W:0.51KGPackage includes:1x Guiro1x Scraper

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