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Metal Pickguard Stratocaster

Metal Pickguard Stratocaster

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Elevate your musical style with this elegant utility for musicians

Made to withstand the demands of live performances and studio sessions, this Metal Pickguard Stratocaster is crafted from durable metal. The robust construction not only offers protection to your guitar but also adds a touch of industrial elegance. This is more than a pickguard; it's a statement of durability and style.

Designed with the Modern Stratocaster in mind, this Metal Pickguard ensures a perfect fit. The precise cutouts align seamlessly with the contours of your guitar, providing a hassle-free installation. Give your Stratocaster a modern makeover without compromising its original design. It is made of good quality material, double-check your screw-hole pattern to ensure you chose the right model.

Whether you're a professional musician, a gigging enthusiast, or a studio artist, the Metal Pickguard for Stratocaster is a versatile style upgrade. The modern aesthetic suits various genres, from rock and metal to indie and beyond. Make a bold statement with an accessory that speaks volumes about your musical identity.


  • Authentic Fender Pickguard to ensure compatibility.
  • Constructed of premium celluloid material.
  • Double-check your screw-hole pattern to ensure you chose the right model.
  • The same pickguards as used on actual production models.
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