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Natural Bamboo Wind Panpipe

Natural Bamboo Wind Panpipe

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Harmony in Nature: Discover Our Natural Bamboo Wind Panpipe at Big River Hardware!

Elevate your music with the enchanting tones of our Natural Bamboo Wind Panpipe, a masterpiece from Big River Hardware. Crafted with precision, this traditional woodwind instrument is a symphony of nature's harmony.Featuring 15 pipes and tuned to the soothing G key, our pan flute resonates with the essence of Chinese tradition. It's not just an instrument; it's a journey through time and culture.

We include a cleaning bar and a bag for easy maintenance and portability. Whether you're a seasoned musician or an aspiring virtuoso, this panpipe is your ticket to a melodious world.Experience the magic of our Natural Bamboo Wind Panpipe and immerse yourself in the serene melodies of nature. Elevate your music, elevate your soul—order yours today and join the symphony of life.


  • 1. It is made of selected natural bamboo, hand-made, and of 
  • 2. Each pipe has a tight cork stopper that can be manually calibrated. However, it will be tested and adjusted before shipment.
  • 3. The best choice for beginners and students.
  • 4. Tuning G major -440 Hz-G4-G6-tunable (each pipe has a plastic plug, you can push it to change the tuning)
  • 5. The flute is a traditional Chinese musical instrument. It is made up of several tubes of the same material combined by binding, gluing or frame fixing. Block the internal pipe with beeswax or cork. When playing, the air flows from the top, hits the other side, vibrates the inner tube wall, and then plays music. Due to the different positions of beeswax and cork, the period of air flow vibration in the pipe may be different, so different air flow vibration frequencies produce different tones.


  1. Material: Bamboo
  2. Tonal: G tone
  3. Number of tubes: 15 tubes
  4. Size: 280*230mm
  5. Application: Pan flute lovers who are accustomed to using left hand

1 x Pan Flute 
1 x Cleaning Stick 
1 x Cleaning Cloth 
1 x Storage Bag 


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