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Portable travel guitar

Portable travel guitar

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Strum Your Sounds On-the-Go: Discover the Ultimate Portable Travel Guitar!

Unleash your musical potential with our Portable Travel Guitar from Big River Hardware. This 6-string, 4-fret pocket guitar is the perfect practice tool for every guitarist. Designed to elevate your skills, it's a compact powerhouse for enhancing finger dexterity and accelerating your guitar prowess. Crafted from durable plastic and wood, it's both lightweight and robust.

Experience the joy of practice wherever you wander. This travel-friendly accessory is a great companion for your musical journey, ensuring progress even on the move. Ideal for kids and beginners, it's a gift of music that keeps on giving. Ignite your passion and refine your talent with this ingenious creation. Elevate your music, elevate your journey—get the Portable Travel Guitar today and strum your way to greatness.



  • Four frets pocket piano
  • Product size: 205*50*33mm, the maximum length after unfolding is: 350mm
  • Net weight: Pocket piano 119g+14g (velvet bag)=133g
  • Packing list: 1 pocket piano, 1 flannel bag, 1 3mm hexagonal adjusting wrench


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