Radio Knob Spring - Free Shipping

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Replace your worn knob spring. Can be friction fit or secured with superglue

Includes a circle D steel spring insert for a 1/4 inch flatted shaft common on zenith radios.

models: 4B231, 4F227,5F233, 5F251, 5J217, 5J247, 5J255, 5R216, 5R226, 5R236, 5S218, 5S220, 5S222, 5S223, 5S228, 5S229, 5S237, 5S250, 5S252, 5X230, 5X248, 5X274, 6D219, 6D221, 6J230, 6J247, 6J255, 6J257, 6S203, 6S222, 6S238, 6S239, 6S241, 6S275, 6S330, 6S361, 7D203, 7D222, 7D223, 7D229, 7D239, 7D241, 7D243, 7D253

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