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Big River Hardware

Sound Hole Cover

Sound Hole Cover

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A special tapered contour allows for a tight, custom fit without endless adjustments.

Big River Hardware Soundhole Covers are crafted in America for effortless installation and removal with no modifications necessary. They minimize feedback and guard against pick scratches. Unlike many competitors, they won't muffle your guitar's soundboard or block air circulation. You can trust our soundhole covers to provide a secure fit for your instrument, tailored to your exact specifications. With an array of custom options and unbeatable craftsmanship, you'll get every bit of expression and performance you want from your instrument.

Elevate the acoustic resonance of your guitar with the Sound Hole Cover. Crafted to enhance clarity and tonal richness, this cover not only controls feedback but also contributes to a more nuanced and defined acoustic performance. Experience the full range of your guitar's sound without unwanted interference.

Whether you need help with feedback or just want a more attractive look, our Guitar Soundhole Covers are ideal. It can be customized with pickups, controls, or a unique fretboard layout. Send us your logo, photo, or personalized design and we'll craft a one-of-a-kind soundhole cover. 


  • Made of high-quality material which is more durable.
  • Preserving its original condition and value.
  • Ensures a secure fit and won't damage your guitar's finish.
  • Fits Soundhole for versatile compatibility with various acoustic and electric guitars.
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